Obviously my name is Sean Gallardy (if the URL didn’t give it away) and I currently work at Microsoft dealing with SQL Server. Previous to that I did many different things including being a SQL Server MCM (2008/2012), programming, and some fun hardware projects.

You’ll probably recognize me from DBA Stack Exchange and I typically like to work on the Storage Engine, Security, and High availability parts of SQL Server.

I created this blog (again) after many years as I used to blog for the SQL Server PFE team. Sadly, after a few (in my opinion) bad decisions from internal groups on the fate and future usage of blogs at Microsoft it led me back to this.

These blogs are my own personal opinions and views, they do not reflect my my current employers’ views or stances. These blogs are provided as-is with no warranty expressed or implied. If you do something stupid like randomly copy/paste a script from the internet and run it in your environment and all your stuff breaks, that’s on you – ya dolt.