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About 5 years ago I had stopped writing blog posts on my personal site. Sadly a few different items had all culminated in the site being lost for those 5 years and I had transitioned to blogging on the official SQL Server PFE blog (RIP).

Some may have noticed that most of the Microsoft blogs were deleted, though some, now, after a struggle and much help from the community were brought back from the dead.

I found this to be both extremely sad and also quite frustrating. I don’t believe in removing knowledge if it’s correct and helps at least one person. I don’t believe that just because something has an old published date on it means that it’s now irrelevant. I don’t believe that not giving ample notice to people who will be losing said knowledge to back it up or host it otherwise is a good way to push forward. Due to these disagreements, I’m no longer blogging on any official channels. If keeping good knowledge around isn’t what we’re after then I don’t have time to put it on the official channels.

There are other reasons, too, for me coming back to this site. One of which is that it is my personal site and I can give my opinion and take on items without it being looked upon as officially supported guidance as someone will always take argument with because of their extremely edge case environment.

Many of you will disagree with what I have on here, and that’s fine. There will be edge cases that you may be the only person or company that actually hits those edge cases, just understand that for the vast majority of people out there this is not their use case.

If I write something and you feel strongly about it, either way, feel free to write me your opinion.