SQLErrorCodes Is Now Live!

I am often asked about all kinds of various errors, of course with absolutely no context. I also get asked what error X is or means or says… I don’t remember that stuff off the top of my head. The thing is, you kind of need SQL Server to go look it up and there have been a plethora of times when this wasn’t possible. I’ve also noticed that people tend to give you just the error number and not anything else.

Thus, I have created SQLErrorCodes.com which should help everyone. You can easily search by error number or text, click the link and a new page will show you information such as if it’s logged to the errorlog, the severity, and the raw error text. It’s also helpful to link errors in things like blog posts, forum help, etc., and this can be easily achieved by using www.sqlerrorcodes.com/error/{error number}, for example: Error 1205 (deadlock) would be www.sqlerrorcodes.com/error/1205.

Hopefully this is helpful for everyone!

5 thoughts on “SQLErrorCodes Is Now Live!”

  1. Woohoo this is great!

    Note – I can’t get to it from my work computer, it either says “This site can’t be reached”, ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, or if I manually type in http://www.sqlerrorcodes.com or if I remove the s from https, I get a “website has been blocked by your organization” message with CATEGORY:Parked as if it’s a parked domain.

    I know you’re not here to troubleshoot content filter issues πŸ˜€ Just letting you know in case there’s anything up with the domain records or whatever that can fix the “parked” issue πŸ™‚

    I can get to it from my phone though! Thank you for this site!

    1. Thank you for the heads up! It might be a SSL/DNS thing until it populates everywhere. The certificate seems alright, it shouldn’t be caught in any web filters. Let’s see if it clears up in a week.

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