Automated SQL Dump Analysis – Beta!

One of the things that is lacking in the community is for some simple dump analysis for SQL Server, well no longer!

Introducing the Beta version of SQL Dump Analysis… sure it’s not super pretty, sure it’s not 100% yet… but it’ll give you the basic goods and get you on your way.

Feel free to contact me via the contact page on the left if you have any questions.

6 thoughts on “Automated SQL Dump Analysis – Beta!”

  1. Fantastic news! We’ve opened tickets with MS about dump files only to have them ask a million questions and I’m not sure they ever looked at the dump file.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I understand. I used to be one of a few people who would do this @ MS. I created this as there was a need, it’s still a work in progress and I’ll continually be iterating over it, but I really hope it helps 🙂

  2. Amazing Sean!! With the lack of documentation about debbuging Memory dumps this is great (I asked a lot about this internally when I was at msft with no luck :(:(:( )! I know that this is a beta version but it will be great if you include a Download button for the report 😛 Thank you for this! Keep rocking!

    1. Hey, thanks! Yes, I remember 🙂

      Great suggestion, I’ll add it to the next wave of options! Appreciate it!

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